Chapter 10: Fifteen Days After My 10-Hour Brain Surgery


It was the morning of February 14th, 2017 that my family stood at the end of the hallway and watched me slowly disappear on a stretcher – not knowing when they would be able to see me next. I would be wheeled down the hall for a couple of minutes with a nurse wearing a blue cap to the operating room that was waiting for me.


The first thing I saw was a screen that displayed images from my MRI scan. I then took note of the nurses diligently preparing on one end of the room while the anaesthesiologist waited for me at the head of the bed.  In my gown that was open in the back, I was transferred onto the operating table which would become my home for the next 10 hours.

It was just after 7 am at this point and I didn’t know where or who to look at. Is this a dream?  I started counting the…

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About hmchargue

I'm a collector of the extraordinary stories of everyday people. I love to listen and hear more than I should even though half of what I hear falls on my one deaf ear. Every single person has a story or two and with a little encouragement they'll tell you their tales. Everything I write here I heard from someone else and have tried to reproduce these stories as faithfully as possible.
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